section 8 game

Section 8 is not a unique game in any way, but it does look great and play great. Fortunately, it’s a multiplayer online game, which means you can play with real players in real time and there are two teams, the blue one and red one, which, of course, try to kill each other.

You can also play Section 8 in a single player mode, called Corde’s Store, which is also pretty interesting, looking a bit like Unreal Tournament III. Though Section 8 has been especially design for multiplayer game play, so you shouldn’t buy it just for the single player mode.

The game is a combination between Unreal Tournament and Battlefield, because it features a pretty high-speed action, but you also need tactics. Fortunately, if there aren’t enough players to play with or you want to balance the game a bit, there’s an option of adding both of specific skills.

Like in any other game of this type, after you die, you simply re spawn and in this case it happens real quick. Though the best part is that you don’t just appear on the battlefield, but land from the sky and have some control on your landing. You can land wherever you want, but you shouldn’t try to do it in the enemy base, because of the anti-air turrets.

Dynamic Combat Missions are random team objectives that grant requisition points if completed. Requisition points can also be earned for hacking terminals or scoring kills and can be spent on vehicles or turrets.

Unfortunately the game only features 20 maps, but the environments don’t vary too much, which can make the game boring at some point. A host can hold a maximum of 16 players, excepting those who own a dedicated server and can get a software from Time Gate, which doubles the limit.

Another boring part of this game is that you level with absolutely no use, because you don’t get anything by leveling. The only things you can use are requisition points, which also have nothing to do with your level.

Vehicles are extremely hard to control and especially the tank, which is almost impossible to make it go where you want. The walker is a bit easier to manage, but it’s less powerful and it doesn’t help you much.

In conclusion, Section 8 is a good game, even if it has some bad parts, like the need of a dedicated server for more than 16 players, the control of vehicles or just a few maps. I’d recommend it, because it’s considerably better than many of it’s kind and probably one of the best.

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