king brothers
the king brothers were only 12 and 13 respectively, when on Nov 2001...
King brothers Case story- the king brothers were only 12 and 13 respectively, when on Nov, 2001 they killed their father in his Cantonment, Florida. They killed him with a baseball bat and then set the house afire to conceal evidence of the slaying. The whole nation was shocked and with further revelation, the sick story became even more so when it was revealed that the kids’ neighbor Rick Chavis had convinced them to commit the murder of their father so that he could continue a sexual relationship with the younger brother.

  The two boys soon confessed that they had killed their father. Alex claimed that he had thought up the bizarre plan, and Derek said that he had been the one who had swung the bat.

  Although the boys had been charged with first-degree murder, the jury was allowed by law to find them guilty of a lesser charge—which they did. and now, at the age of 18, after serving 6 years in the prison, Alex came out only recently as a free man. This ghastly news reminded us of the dreadful news once again.

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