kemp muhl

Sean Lennon & Girlfriend Pose As Famous Nude John/Yoko Photo
John's son, Sean Lennon and a naked Kemp Muhl (a model and said to be his girlfriend) have recreated the memorable Rolling Stone cover of Lennon's parents, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, taken by Annie Leibovitz, just hours before Lennon was shot to death downstairs at the Dakota Hotel in New York City.
The photo, snapped by Terry Richardson, was taken for the Fall Issue of Purple Magazine.

In this version, Sean apparently stays clothed, in the Yoko role, while Muhl is nude and curled up against his side. Unlike John Lennon, she even shows some nipple.
However, most people who have seen it say that John had a more shapely ass.

Not particularly impressed when viewed by Yoko Ono herself, she reportedly stated that plagiarism is not a form of art that she recognizes.

"We need more originals, not copies", stated Ono. "Will someone else do Campbell Soup Cans? I think not."

"This", holding up the copy of the photo, is like me in my slender older age sitting beside a spinning wheel like Mahatma Gandhi in the famous 1946 photo. It would be a farce, a bad copy. Such as this photo here. This, this is a spoof!"
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