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Want a Caretaker job? The Caretaker Gazette ( has it for you. The Caretaker Gazette was featured on TODAY Thursday but has been around since 1983.

Its current website,, is down this morning, possibly due to server load. But an older version of the website describes the opportunities to readers.

Jobs, lots of them! That undated older version of its older site explained then 1000 jobs per year!

THE CARETAKER GAZETTE is a unique newsletter containing property caretaking and house sitting opportunities, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners. Published since 1983, it’s the only publication in the world dedicated to the property caretaking field.

The GAZETTE provides its subscribers with over 1,000 housesitting and property caretaking opportunities each year. Each issue has approximately 150 caretaking/ housesitting positions throughout the United States and overseas. We also email new opportunities during the week (when property owners need to find house sitters very quickly) to all of our subscribers who have an email address, so when you subscribe (either for the hard copy version or the Online version) please be sure to provide us with your email address so we can email new rush caretaking/housesitting positions to you.

What type of homes? They can range from a mansion to even an island. Island? LALATE is ready to pack its bags!

You can housesit or caretake and enjoy rent-free living in desirable locations. Estates, mansions, farms, ranches, resort homes, retreat centers, camps, hunting and fishing lodges, vacation homes, private islands, and any other kind of property imaginable are listed in The GAZETTE.

Other data:

# Published since 1983, now in our 26th Year!
# The only publication dedicated to the property caretaking field.
# Approximately 150 caretaker/housesitting opportunities in each issue. Over 1,000 new assignments are available each year, worldwide!
# Large Situations-Wanted section.
# Published Bi-monthly (every other month).

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