It is an Oklahoma animal mystery. A News On 6 viewer who requested that her name not be used, sent The News On 6 some pictures of the animal on Tuesday.

She says they show a dead chupacabra in Stilwell, a town about 100 miles southwest of Tulsa.

The Spanish name chupacabra translates to goat sucker. It comes from the creature's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

So, is the animal in the pictures really a chupacabra? That's for you to decide.

The video link to the right just may be evidence of the real mythological creature -- the Chupacabra.

The word "Chupacabra" is Spanish for goat sucker but according to legend, these dodgy creatures feed on more than goats.

According to folklore, the Chupacabra also feeds on livestock as well.

Taxidermist Jerry Ayer says he's never seen anything like this before. He says one of his students found it.

"It got into his cousin's barn and they thought maybe it was a rodent tearing stuff up, and they no idea since they've never seen it," Ayers said. "He got out some poison and this is what they got the next day."

Although the features of this animal are similar to a dog or a coyote's, its leathery skin is unlike anything native to Texas.

The taxidermist plans to donate the remains to a museum.

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