This is a unique approach to bringing Twitter follower to their website. Oxygen even has a “top twitterazzi” for those who are their top tweeters. With this in mind, if you are a business owner, would you be open to implementing something like this on your website?

If you were to implement a section on your website like this, it could benefit you and your business in many ways. Below are some of the ways that you could benefit if you created a “twitter universe” on your website.

  • Encourage interaction. It could be a way for you to encourage your web visitors to interact with your website.
  • Connections. Allows you to connect with your web visitors and to motivate your web visitors to connect with each other.
  • Additional revenue. Opportunity to sell advertising spots to businesses who meet your needs for advertisers.
  • Build followers. Allows you to build the number of followers that you connect with via Twitter.

To implement such a section on your website, I would suggest that you hire a web programmer who is familar with programming Twitter integration into a website. If you need suggestions for someone to do this for you, please feel free to contact me for suggestions.

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