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Relationship fountain of youth 101- Sir Paul and his lovely American love

If you're looking for the mythical Fountain of Youth you need look no farther than your own relationship. If it is good, that is. Sir Paul McCartney knows it. It seems that he and his companion, American heiress Nancy Shevell have found it.

Individual studies by such diverse entities such as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the Roman Catholic Church, and show that people in a good, supportive relationship actually live longer and better, look younger, and are significantly healthier, than those who are single and making the dating rounds or in bad relationships. And it doesn’t seem to matter if the relationship is a married one or if you’re simply living together as partners. Being part of a mostly harmonious couple is akin to having found the Fountain of Youth!

The research is sound but none of the researchers can pinpoint exactly why this is so. It just is.

There are suppositions however.

One theory being explored for longevity in couples who are in strong relationships is a feeling they have of being in a “safe haven.” If you enjoy being together and look forward to coming home to each other, then you are a calmer, more relaxed person. Your cortisol levels are low and so is your blood pressure. You have more energy and a relaxed attitude. Add having similar interests to enjoy doing together and you have a relationship that insulates you from most daily problems.

Men and women also seem to eat better and more healthfully when they are in a solid relationship. In fact, they tend to take better care of their overall health. They look and act at least ten years younger than their biological age, are more active in many areas, and travel extensively.

Even without a social network of friends and relatives, caring couples on their own seem to have an edge when it comes to having a better quality of life. The idea of having your best friend as one half of your happy couple takes on a whole new meaning.

As does great sex with a loving, adventurous, familiar partner.

The well-being of a long-term relationship is one that includes a healthy and adventurous sex life. Couples in their sixties it seems, can have as fantastic a sex life as couples in their thirties when they take the time to spice up their sex “routines.” (FYI - There should be nothing routine about sex at all whether you’re thirty or sixty!) Experimenting and learning new techniques can be learned and practiced at any time during a relationship. Rethink becoming a lifelong learner!

The Fountain of Youth may or may not be a myth; who really knows for sure? But for those couples who are in happy, peaceful, sexually active relationships, well, maybe they don’t have to search for that restoring body of water. They have successfully created their own.
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