Basic SEO
In the modern era of technology more than 70% people are using internet and 40% people are using their own webstes. Every one in the whole world is interested in geting knowledge about “SEO”. Any website cannot got worth without “SEO”. SEO is the abbrevate of Seaerch Engine Optimization. It seems like a small world, but the complete definition of SEO is little bit complex then its name.

There are two types of SEO.

1) SEO

2) Black SEO

SEO is further divided into two portions, first one is search engine and second is Optimization. Search engine is used for searching purpose and optimization is the other name of keyword. Key Words are used for searching purposes. Main purpose of SEO is generating traffic on your website, Search engine optimization is the aggregate of many tools, which are used for the promotion of websites. We can promote any of our sites easily with the help of SEO. We can easily get the top position by SEO.

Basic tools of SEO are:

1) Bookmarking

2) Forums

3) Directories

4) Comments

5) By joining different communities

If you have a fascinated website with full of material, but without SEO there is no traffic on that website. Simple definition of SEO is that ” The way of promoting and generating traffic on the website”

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